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  • WAM photoelectric display material: Quantum Dot

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    A quantum dot is a nano-semiconductor material, smaller than DNA and onlyslightly larger than a water molecule, with a diameter of roughly 2-20 nm.

    In the field of displays, quantum dots are different from ordinaryphosphor. Their special light wavelength is adjustable. When applied to LIQUIDcrystal displays, they can not only show more real color and reduce energyconsumption, but also combine with OLED technology to further improve displayefficiency.

    The quantum confinement effect and its special fluorescence optical propertiesof quantum dots make it suitable for biomedical applications.

    In the photovoltaic field, higher energy conversion rates can also beachieved compared to traditional materials. Therefore, quantum dots have becomean indispensable role in recent years!

    With a 70% market share in the LED market in the early years, WAM has madegreat progress in promoting the development of QD-LED. Quantum dot film glueand quantum dot enhancer have also been widely used in the market, and deliveredtotal solution.

    On the other hand, products such as "quantum dot color conversionlayer ink (used for color filter)", "quantum dot Mini LED Ink"and "quantum dot SMD glue" developed by WAM have been verifying bythe client.

    Fujifilm Dimatix -- 2850, used by WAM, is an ink-jet printer widely used inthe market. It can simplify and speed up the development process with theclient when the same model is used by all customers, thus achieving the fastestand most efficient result.

    Adhere to the concept of collaborative innovation, linkage development, andapplication promotion, WAM will make contribution to promote socialdevelopment.