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  • Signingc eremony of WAM Fiber Composite and New Electronic Materials Project

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    On April 15, the project of WAM fiber composite and new electronic materials was held in Lingang Park, Fengxian District. Representatives from both sides attended the signing ceremony: WAM’s Chairman Yang Yu-chin, General Manager Kang Yao-luen, Stockholder You Chong-Hwa, Deputy General Manager Sun Jin’en, Board secretary Guo Juhan, audit manager He gui-ping, General Manager assistant Zhu Yanyan, and Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman and General Manager of lingang fengxian company Zou Linkun, Deputy General Manager Lv Jun, General Manager assistant Pan Xiao-yue, senior manager Xu Juan.

    Wells Advanced Materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010 and listed on NEEQ in 2015. In 2016, it officially entered IPO guidance. In July 2017,it completed the registration of the third wholly-owned subsidiary, Wells Advanced Materials (Taicang) Co., LTD. By Dec 2017, it had raised CNY 230million.

    Currently, WAM has many kinds of epoxy resin series. More than 10 years of product application history in wind power epoxy resin; flame retardant rapid curing prepreg epoxy resin products and HP-RTM rapid molding epoxy resin products in new energy vehicles, rail transit and other fields, which are up to the international flame retardant standard. Also WAM has high-temperature-resistant carbon fiber pultrusion epoxy products that used in petroleum industry, such as sucker rod and high voltage cable; and filament winding epoxy products that used in composite pressure vessel, like hydrogen cylinder and composite pipe. In addition, WAM also has new electronic materials products, QLED quantum dot products, etc.

    Lingang Fengxian Park is a new generation industrial park jointly developedby Lingang Group, Bright Food Group and Fengxian District Government. With atotal planning area of 17.04 square kilometers, the park is the leading park for the development of Lingang Group, the key section of Lingang Industrial Zone, an important part of Zhangjiang National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, the core area of the main carrying area of Shanghai Scienceand Technology Innovation Center, and the pioneering area of the New Lingang Zone of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone. Under the development opportunity of New Lingang Zone, the Park is promoting the construction of international biological medicine industry agglomeration area, the international high-lever talent agglomeration area, and regional headquarters gathering area, by taking life science and technology industry as the forerunner, supported by strategic emerging industries, taking theinternational community as a safe guard, characterized by the integration ofindustry and city. It will build the Lingang Park a blue bay in the future by constantly promoting the development of high quality and fostering new growth pole.

    "Article 50", a special policy of Lingang New Area, clearly putsforward a series of powerful measures, such as supporting projects in the fieldof new energy and intelligent connected automobiles, giving priority to the layout of platforms, supporting listing and financing and equity investment.WAM will grasp a good development and advantages with solid industrial foundation and special support policies.