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  • Ground-breaking ceremony launched for WAM R&D Headquarters!

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    On March 31, 2021, theground- breaking ceremony for R&D headquarter of Wells Advanced Materials(Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "WAM") was heldgrandly at the Headquarter Bay of Hongqiao Xinhui, Jiangqiao Town. This marksthe accelerated pace of localization strategy for WAM, which injects newmomentum into sustainable scientific innovation in the high-end compositesindustry.

    Inject New Energy Into the Industry

    Many government leaders,employees of WAM and other invited guests attended this ceremony to witnessthis milestone moment for the company! The leaders invited to the ceremony areas follows: Chen Gang, Deputy Mayor of Jiangqiao town, Zhu Jingbo;Director of the Production and Promotion Center and other town leaders; ShenBin, General Manager and You Shiqing, Deputy General Manager of North HongqiaoConstruction; Qu Zhiye, Vice President of POLY Property; Secretary Wu ofZengjian Village, Jiangqiao Town; Yu Zhiyun, Director of Shanghai JiangnanArchitectural Design Institute; Zhang Jianguo, Vice President and Shi Bin,General Manager of Jiangsu Construction Engineering Group; Wu Chongzhi, GeneralManager of Peishan Engineering Management Co., and Yang Yu-Chin, Chairman ofWAM; You Chong Hua, Director of WAM; Kang Yao-Luen, General Manager of WAM.

    ChenGang, Deputy Mayor of Jiangqiao Town, delivered a speech

    On behalf of the Party Committeeand the government, Chen Gang, deputy mayor of Jiangqiao Town, extended warmcongratulations on the project. Chen Gang said that since theestablishment at Jiangqiao in 2010, WAM always has gradually grown intoleading enterprises in high- end composite materials especially wind powerand other new energy materials field, by focusing on independent research and development,and active innovation, building the core competitiveness of enterprises. ChenGang also said that he believes that Jiangqiao's unique location advantages andhigh- quality policy services will provide WAM a strong impetus for the newround of innovation and development.

    Open Up A Prosperous New Chapter

    Yang Yu- Chin, Chairman ofWAM, said in his speech that in 2021, in line with the needs ofmarket development, WAM actively expands the scale of production and newproduct research and development by setting up the R&D center inHeadquarter Bay of Hongqiao Xinhui in Jiangqiao Town, building strength withtechnology and using science and technology to create value, continuesworking in the new energy industry.

    YangYu-chin, Chairman of WAM, delivered a speech

    Thecompany's new research and development center covers an area of 10.1 acres withconstruction area of 13,000 square meters, total investment of 180 millionyuan.Afterthe establishment of the new center, it will become a composite certificationbody, laboratory and inspection institution with CNAS, CMA, DNV- GL and othernational and international certification, and will accelerate into a new stageof the company's development, strive to become a leading new materials industryto move steadily far away from the giant wheel!

    YouChong HWA, Director of WAM, delivered a speech

    You Chong Hwa, Director of WAM, saidin his speech that after the completion of the R&D headquarter, thecompany's production efficiency, research and development strength and the corecompetitiveness of the industry will be greatly enhanced, can better meet therapid growth of consumer demand in the market, at the same time, it will alsoinject new vitality into the high- end composites industry, to promote sound andhealthy development.

    Create a new glory of the enterprise

    The successful holding of theground- breaking ceremony of the R&D headquarter marked that WAM takesa new step in the exploration of innovative research and development andconstruction, meanwhile, it foreshadows that WAM steadily steps to a new levelof vigorous development by focusing on high- end composite materials service andseeking breakthroughs in scientific and technological innovation which willhelp Jiangqiao's economic development accelerate its take-off.

    Inthe future, WAM will take the foundation of this start as a new opportunity toforge ahead. We believe that through the unremitting joint efforts of all WAMcolleagues, WAM will certainly be able to achieve greater development and morebrilliant achievements.