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    On April 22, 2021, after the review andapproval of Chinese Society For Composite Materials, Group Standard of “Generalstandard of appearance and paint property of carbon fiber composite exteriorparts of automotive vehicle” was released.

    The standard is drafted by HRC and compiledtogether by Wells Advanced Materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd (hereinafter referredto as “WAM”), GEELY AUTO Research Institute (Ningbo), BAIC BJEV and ACTC.

    With a leading innovative technical team inChina, and specialized in the research, development and manufacturing ofhigh- end composite materials, WAM has researched flame- retardant fast cureprepreg and HP- RTM fast prototyping epoxy resins, which made the lightweightcomposite materials become a reality in new energy vehicles and rail transitfield.

    The formulation of industry standards meansthe regulation and maturity of an industry, which provides the necessary basisfor the development of the industry. As a leading company in the field of domestic new materials, WAM activelyparticipates in the formulation of the group standard of “General standard ofappearance and paint property of carbon fiber composite exterior parts ofautomotive vehicle ", and puts forward constructive suggestions on therelevant technical parameters and application of the standards which have beenadopted, providing important support for the advancement of the industry.

    The General standard of appearance andpaint property of carbon fiber composite exterior partsof automotive vehicle stipulates the appearance and paint property requirementsof carbon fiber composite exterior parts for vehicles. It is suitable for carbonfiber composite exterior parts with carbon fiber fabric texture such as hood,fender, door, side panel, suitcase, spoiler, etc.

    This standard is under the jurisdiction ofthe Chinese Society for Composite Materials and published on the website of theNational Group Standards Information Platform.