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  • Wells Advanced Materials be invited to attend the “Fifth Composite Pultrusion Te

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    On May 15 & 16, the 2021 “FifthComposite Pultrusion Technology Exchange Conference & Propaganda andImplementation of Structural Technical Regulations” conference was successfullyheld in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province. This two-day technology exchange conferenceadheres to the goal of promoting the sustainable development of the pultrudedcomposite material industry as well as assisting downstream industries andusers in selecting and using good materials.

    As a pioneer in the composite materialsindustry and a partner of many customers participating in this conference, WellsAdvanced Materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "WAM"and the "Company") was invited to participate in this conference withInnovative Composite Materials (Pultrusion epoxy resin solutions).

    Focus on innovation + R&D, define a"one-stop" solution

    WAM has long been committed to thedevelopment and manufacture of high- quality, continuously innovative andhigh- performance products, and tailors a "one- stop" overall solution tohigh- end composite materials for customers by insisting on building strength withtechnology and creating value with science. The solution is to ensure theeffective implementation of the problems, deficiencies, defects and needs thathave been reflected (or even expected). In addition, the company's solutionsand implementation are mutually influential. It can not only provide timelyfeedback on the effect of implementation, but also make corrective referencesand suggestions to the original plan to create the "most suitable"solution for you!

    Persist in development + exploration,help to move towards a broader "stage"

    Through years of exploration andinnovation, WAM pultrusion epoxy resin series has been widely used in highperformance composite materials, such as cable core, carbon fiber health bars,threaded composite anchor rod, wind blade spar cap, cross arm, wind blade pre-embeddedbolt sleeve, sucker rods, pultrusion plates, sheets and other kinds of pultrusionepoxy field.

    In addition, the company’s pultrusion epoxyresin series have been sold in the market of construction reinforced carbon plates,wind blade root insert, fishing floats, sucker rods, auto parts, tool handlesand other products, which helps WAM establishing partnerships with customers.

    Building strength with technology,attracting customers to stop and stay

    With solid innovative R&D strength and high- qualityproduct, the company's pultrusion epoxy resin solutions attracted manyaudiences and customers to stop and stay, inquiring and exchanging questions;in addition, a number of participants who were responsible for pultrusionprojects expressed great interest in this, taking the initiative to askquestions, and showed great intentions for the company's pultrusion epoxy resinsolutions.

    In the future, WAM will continue to pursueself- breakthrough and growth, and look forward to innovating the market withpartners in the global composite industry and creating new peaks together!