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  • Boosting the wind power and setting sail at perfect time! WAM attended the

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    With the theme "Developing Wind PowerEquipment Manufacturing Industry and Achieving Carbon Peak and CarbonNeutrality", the China (Shanwei) Offshore Wind Power Industry Conference wassuccessfully held On May 19th! Representatives and experts from more than 100 upstreamand downstream enterprises in the wind power industry gathered together todiscuss the development and the bright future of the industry. Wells AdvancedMaterials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "WAM" andthe "Company"), as a leading enterprise in China's advanced materialsfield (wind power industry), was invited to attend this conference.

    Mr. Kang Yao- luen,general manager of WAM,attended the meeting and signed a strategic cooperation agreement/investmentintention agreement on site which plans to establish a production base. Thebase will cover an area of about 60 acres withan estimated investment scale of 500 million yuan, and the estimated annualoutput will be 250 million yuan after completion; the base will be specializingin the production of new energy and advanced materials such as high- functional  composite materials and resins for large wind turbine blades, in this case itwill help promote green and  low- carbon development and achieve the goal "carbonpeak" and "carbon neutrality", promoting the offshore wind powerindustry to move forward fast.

    Give full play to superiority and boostwind power

    As the earliest resin supplier forcommercial operation of large megawatt offshore wind turbines in China, WAMseized the opportunity to continuously develop and improve products with an efficientR&D team, which make the products not only can be used in various extremeclimates, also can maintain stable quality all the time, helping the offshorewind power industry shine with dazzling brilliance!

    Innovate and promote the development

    WAM is a high- tech enterprise specializingin high- performance composite materials, integrating R&D, manufacture andsales of epoxy resin products. It has long been committed to the developmentand manufacture of highquality, continuously innovative and highperforman ceproducts, and tailors a "one- stop" overall solution to high- endcomposite materials for customers. Adhering to the core position of innovation andcombining the power of science and technology, the company establishes its ownR&D production base by practically transforming and developing productivitythrough science and technology and uses modern management methods to promoteenterprise development by continuously improving innovation system of productmanufacturing and technology research and development.

    Sustaining devoting to meet therequirement

    With more than 10 years' productapplication history in the wind power industry, WAM not only continuously devotesto development of green epoxy resin for wind energy blades, it also focuses onthe production and maintenance of blades, providing raw materials and processconsumables of manufacturing. With the increasing emphasis on sustainabledevelopment, power generation equipment is turning to products made ofcomposite materials to meet the increasing demand for electricity. In additionto delivering wind power and other renewable energy solutions, the company alsoprovides professional technical support for innovative materials.

    Blowing wind, broad sea, perfect time toset sail

    The wind is rising and sailing is justright, the heart and soul are united to open a new chapter. WAM are willing tobecome your loyal partner to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship anddevelop together, jointly writing a new chapter in the offshore wind powerindustry and creating new brilliance!