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  • WAM assisting the development of hydrogen energy

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    Hydrogenhas a wide range of energy sources and is low- carbon and environmentallyfriendly. It is in line with our country's grand strategy of carbon emissionreduction, and it is also conducive to solving our country's energy securityissues. In recent years, with the intensive introduction of relevant nationalencouragement and guidance policies, our country's hydrogen energy developmenthas shown a new round of upsurge, attracting more and more countries andenterprises to enter it; in this context, our country's hydrogen cylindercomposite field has also shown a trend of steady growth, and the hydrogenenergy industry chain developed accordingly.

    Vast Track, First Strike

    In the context of "carbonneutrality", China is also increasing efforts to promote the developmentof hydrogen energy, including policy support and legislation on hydrogen energyin the future. But in fact, if we look back at the runway of hydrogen energy, wewould find that a lot of enterprises strike first and received good results. Amongthem, the most noteworthy one is undoubtedly Wells Advanced Materials(Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “WAM” or “the Company”)

    Ask for Space from Technology

    Relying on years of accumulation andexperience, WAM deeply explored enterprise technological innovation and R&Dcapacity building, exerted its technical advantages of epoxy resin for hydrogencylinders, and seized the opportunities for the development of hydrogen energyindustry.

    The company sets up research anddevelopment headquarters and related manufacturing bases, and constantlyincreases product development efforts to provide customers with differentiated,customized, refined product solutions, which expands market advantage, andpromotes hydrogen cylinder epoxy resin industry "accelerate" forward.

    Strength deserves Ambition

    Aiming at the development of new energyvehicles and "carbon neutrality", using own technology and equipmentadvantages, WAM integrates with the development of market direction and the needsof different customers to boost carbon fiber hydrogen cylinder epoxy resinupgrades by continuously developing product application areas and regionalmarkets.

    Epoxy resin for hydrogen cylinders developed and produced by thecompany: Epoxy resin series for Type III cylinders  (AF-4206A/B, AF-4303A/B,AF- 4106) and Type IV cylinders (AF- 4006A/B). They have been widely used in domesticand foreign buses, domestic cars, long tube trailers for transportation, andhydrogen storage devices in hydrogenation stations and other markets. And it hasbeen widely recognized and affirmed by customers.

    It is worth noting that the company has cooperated with well-knowngas cylinder manufacturers at home and abroad to develop epoxy resins forhydrogen cylinders, which has accelerated the pace of market development andalso brought new vitality to the hydrogen energy industry.

    MainEnergy Force of the Future

    Hydrogen energy is environmentally friendlyand efficient, and is expected to be incorporated into the mainstream energysystem. With the expansion of application fields, hydrogen energy-relatedindustries have broad space for growth.

    With the promotion of the strategic statusof hydrogen energy, countries are competing to develop hydrogen energy. TheInternational Hydrogen Council predicts that by 2050, hydrogen energy willaccount for about 18% of the global energy supply, and the output value of thehydrogen energy industry chain will exceed 2.5 trillion US dollars.

    Help creating Hydrogen Energy Ecosystem

    With the booming development of hydrogenenergy industry, we believe that in the near future, WAM will contribute moreto the field of epoxy resin for hydrogen cylinders and accelerate thedevelopment of hydrogen energy industry chain. Also it will help build asustainable development of "hydrogen energy ecosystem", and makepositive contributions to China's goal of achieving carbon peak and carbonneutrality.